Episode 11 Part 1: The Great Hall - ‘It’s bewitched to look like the sky outside…’

In our season finale, our tour guides take you on a TWO-PART BONANZA of episodes discussing the Great Hall! Our hosts Greta Granger, Nick Longbottom, Will Hagrid and Alex Scamander are jamming that hat on their heads – we’ve got you Sorted!

Travel to Oxford with Greta Granger, and listen to her talk about the Yule Ball! Join Nick Longbottom in speculating where Ravenclaw is really from, and whether the duelling club helped Harry or not. Listen to Will Hagrid’s fascination with ceilings, and discover the Gryffinbee with him; and let Alex Scamander test you on your knowledge of which teachers should be sitting at the staff table during Philosopher’s Stone! Also including: Michael Gambon’s dubious acting choices, bats pooing in your pumpkin juice, Ron’s potty mouth, a variety of high-brow puns, Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Warty Hogwarts, Peter Pettigrew the evil Gryffindor, who killed whom in the Last Battle, and a special guest appearance by Slytherin Producer Stéph Black on why Salazar is just misunderstood!

So settle in for a two-part season finale of WANDerlust, enjoying all the things you’ve grown to love in just over 30 minutes – times two! Subscribe now to never miss an episode and follow us @WANDerlusttfm on social media for sneak peaks and extras, as we continue forging a path through the magical and muggle world of Harry and his friends!

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