Episode 13 (2021 Christmas Special): ‘What did you expect, turnips?’

The Merriest of Yulemasses to you all! Welcome to this year’s WANDerlust Christmas special – where our slightly altered guide gang take you through a Potterific Advent Calendar of epic proportions! You say festive and we say Carols! Christmas Jumpers! Cracker jokes! All with the WANDerlust magic you love. There’s even locations – a hidden temple! A non-existent Grimmauld Place! Durmstrang! – alongside terrible puns, some very strange wizarding recipes, and the slandering of Christmas Pudding! Also including: that pesky random dog, a large array of presents, Millicent Bulstrode’s hair, the Romans, the magic volcano school, the Great Percy Weasley Debate We Did Not Have Time For, and an attempt (please forgive us) of ‘The Twelve Days of Harry Pottermas’. So join us round the Christmas feast – make sure to try the chipolatas! – and enjoy this Christmas Special gift, from WANDerlust to you!


Christmas Poem – A Visit from WANDerlust

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when thro’ Hogwarts’ halls,
Peeves was making a racket, as he scampered through walls;
The House-Elves were prepping the Christmas Day Feast,
But no others were stirring, witch, wizard or beast.
The muggles too, snuggled, asleep in their beds,
Whilst magical wishes danced through their heads:
‘It’s been absolute ages, so much time has passed,
Since we last had an episode, of that amazing podcast –
The one with the tour guides, stalwart and just,
Bantering through London – yes, WANDerlust!
How merry would Yule be with a new episode?
Full of magical joy, sent to each listener’s abode?
If only tomorrow would bring us a new feature,
We’d feel goodwill to all (even Umbridge and Kreacher)!’
Well, deep in the bowels of Tour for Muggles HQ,
Who should be listening, but the WANDerlust crew!

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