Episode 13: The Gryffindor Common Room - Password?

Merry Christmas! As a festive treat, we’ve released this bonus episode, in which our tour guides whisper the password and give you a leg up past the portrait into the Gryffindor Common Room! Our hosts Nick Longbottom, Will Hagrid, Alex Scamander and Greta Granger are settling into some squashy armchairs, and chatting all things dormitory!

Can a round room have corners? How many passwords can you remember? Who on earth are the other Gryffindor girls? Greta Granger can tell you! Is Merlin the real Merlin or a random Merlin? Is the fat lady actually an opera singer? Ask Nick Longbottom! Where does the phrase ‘I’ll
take Cadogan’s pony’ come from? Will Hagrid knows! And can Alex Scamander really time travel? All this, and more! Shrinking Gryffindor beds! Moving staircases! Sirius-ly good fireplace chats! The floo network! Deleted scene discussions! Kissing (ooo-err)! And the Hufflepuff showdown of the century. Oh dear…

So come celebrate the festive season with us in this one-off Christmas special of WANDerlust! Here’s hoping you don’t get Scamandered at Christmas dinner when you’re telling your
best stories you got from the podcast! Subscribe to never miss an episode, and follow us @WANDerlusttfm on social media to be first in the know about any Potterific shenanigans and SEASON 2 in 2021! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from us at WANDerlust, brought to you by Tour for Muggles.

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